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Germany has no plans to issue advisories against essential travel of its citizens to Kenya, an envoy has said.

According to German Ambassador to Kenya Andreas Peschke, his government has not received any intelligence report that threatens citizens living in Kenya.


Counties have been allocated 43 per cent of all the money the government plans to spend next financial year, or double what the law requires. In all, the 47 counties will share Sh226 billion, an increase of almost 20 per cent above last year’s allocation of Sh190 billion. But the allocation is still Sh12.5 billion less than the amount suggested by the Commission on Revenue Allocation.


KenGen has embarked on an ambitious 140Megawatt power plant construction at Ol Karia by inviting views from Kenyans on the proposed project. KenGen, which has overseen construction and rollout of 280Megawatts production at Ol Karia in Nakuru County, said it planned to launch construction of a power plant and associated infrastructure.

KenGen drilled Africa’s first geothermal well in June 1981 with two more phases developed in 1982 and 1985 raising power production to 45Megawatts.

October 25, 2014
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US to offer technical support on managing power in Sh1.4trn plan. The American government will offer technical assistance to the six African countries chosen for the Power Africa initiative so as to accelerate transactions to get additional electricity to the relevant national grids.


Political News  

Senators want county assembly representatives better equipped to undertake their duties effectively. They specifically want the leaders provided with computers and other Information Communication and Technology materials as well as a data bank to help them conduct research while making laws in their respective assemblies.

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