List of updated structure of Government Ministries and their relevant codes


Vote Code Vote Tittle
1011  The Presidency
1021 State Department for Interior
1031 State Department for Planning
1032  State Department for Devolution
1041  Ministry of Defence
1051  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
1061 State Department for Education
1062 State Department for Science and Technology
1071 The National Treasury
1081 Ministry of Health
1091 State Department of Infrastructure
1092  State Department of Transport
1101  State Department for Environment And Natural Resources
1102 State Department for Water and Regional Authorities
1111 Ministry of Land Housing and Urban Development
1121  Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology
1131  Ministry of Sports Culture and Arts
1141  Ministry of Labour Social Security and Services
1151 Ministry of Energy and Petroleum
1161 State Department for Agriculture
1162 State Department for Livestock
1163 State Department for Fisheries
1171 Ministry of Industialization and Enterprise Development
1181 State Department for Commerce and Tourism
1182 State Department for East African Affairs
1191 Ministry of Mining
1251 Office of The Attorney General and Department of Justice
1261 The Judiciary
1271 Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
1281 National Intelligence Service
1291 Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
1301 Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution
1311 Registrar of Political Parties
1321 Witness Protection Agency
2011 Kenya National Commission on Human Rights
2021 National Land Commission
2031 Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission
2041 Parliamentary Service Commission
2051 Judicial Service Commission
2061 The Commission on Revenue Allocation
2071 Public Service Commission
2081 Salaries and Remuneration Commission
2091 Teachers Service Commission
2101 National Police Service Commission
2111 Auditor General
2121 Controller of Budget
2131 The Commission on Administrative Justice
2141 National Gender and Equality Commission
2151 Independent Police Oversight Authority